Monday, February 13, 2017

Move Over Prince Charming!

When we're old and grey, I want Mr. Tilney and I to love each other this much!
True love is
Saying sorry, or forgiving
when mistakes are made.
It's cooking those awesome
Waffles- just because.
Making me laugh
through labour contractions,
Or getting up with the kids
So I can sleep in.
It's being the dad our
Kids love and need,
And eating my latest
Culinary disaster.
Love is reading my
Favourite book together,
Or mowing the lawn
Because you know I hate it.

Might not sell books,
But true love is slaying
All those daily dragons
And making one
"Happily ever after" real.

My love of romance notwithstanding, I've always hated Valentine's Day. Romance should be more than a status game of cards, roses, or chocolates. Naturally, I still appreciate such gestures. What fool wouldn't? But know what really makes my heart pitter-pat? Someone who finds me beautiful at nine months pregnant. When Mr. Tilney surprises me with pizza so we don't mess up the kitchen after a crazy day. Uninterrupted reading time... you get the idea.

So many books love stories grate on my nerves because they fail to capture that. There's far too many renditions of yet another heroine caught in a love triangle. Also, the valiant hero who simply waits patiently until she finally comes to her senses tests both my patience and credulity.  So, to shake things up, here's some original gems. Some gutsy heroines and heroes who perfect the art of everyday romance. Pure romantic reading bliss.

"Northanger Abbey" by Jane Austen

I adore all of Miss Austen's books, but this is my favourite! Navigating polite society, Katherine Norland gets far more adventure when she goes to Bath... just not the sort that her Gothic novels would suggest. The perils and pitfalls of dating have never been so delightful.

"The Blue Castle" by L.M. Montgomery

After a lifetime doing just as she's told, and living out dreams in her imaginary"blue castle", Valancy learns that she's dying. Finally doing and saying exactly as she pleases is a shock to both her bossy mother and snobby clan, but no one is more shocked than Valancy herself when she falls in love. With the town reprobate no less. Normally this would be a steamy bit of brain candy, but in Montgomery's skilled hands, it is a beautiful story sure to melt your heart.

In fiction, or real life, true love is really about the little things. Let's celebrate that. Enjoy both; with whoever is in your life and makes your heart glad.

Happy reading to you all!



  1. I think you spelled Catherine Morland's name wrong . . .

    1. Well this is embarrassing! As if it's not enough that I mix up my kids. This is a whole new level.