Monday, February 6, 2017

Cream or Sugar?

Cream or Sugar?

I hope I'm never too old
To enjoy a tea party:
Gathering with friends
(Real or  imaginary)
To visit and laugh
Over the beautiful staccato
Of delicate china.

For really, tea tastes better
When sipped from something
Both dainty and pretty,
And carving out time 
With dear friends
Is far sweeter 

Than any maccaron.

Despite my childhood love of throwing a tea party (usually with my doll and stuffies), it took me a bit longer to actually enjoy the beverage. Back then I prescribed to my Dad's opinion. Tea was "glorified dishwater" which my Mum inflicted on me whenever I was sick. Then I discovered loose tea, and I've been a fan of this hot herbal brew ever since. It's a soothing elixir. My creative fuel! Also, it's a fabulous thing to share with friends. After rereading far too many books I was inspired. After all, why should kids and fictional characters have all the fun?  It took just one tea party to discover something important: they're even more fun as an adult. Tea parties are now something my friends and I do- as often as our busy lives will allow.

They're terrific fun. Why not try one yourself? You can find something fabulous to drink here. Their Sunburst Raspberry is amazing (and also, currently on sale!).

Now for some fabulous books to read, whether you're sipping tea or not.

Today's Treasures

1. "The Number One Ladies Detective Agency" by Alexander McCall Smith
The first in a series as warm and delightful as the bush tea Precious Ramotswe drinks while solving one mystery after another. This book makes me want to travel to Africa (especially Botswana), and open a detective agency of my own.

2. "A Bargain for Frances" by Russell Hoban
Frances is having Thelma over for a tea party, so why does her mother urge caution? When left holding the short end of a stick over a tea set fiasco, Frances will have to beat her friend at her own game. The results are delicious. This book is the reason why, to this day, I adore dishes of "the  china kind with pictures all in blue" sort.

Well, until Thursday everybody, I wish you joy. May you never have a shortage of tea, nor lack of good books to read!



  1. I love both those books and tea is a favourite of mine too.

  2. I totally have to read "The Number One Ladies Detective Agency", everyone says it's so good. That was a pretty awesome tea party, if I do say so myself. I was sad to realize I left my treats behind, though, and the horde of locusts at her house devoured them within seconds, lol!

  3. I agree on drinking from fine china. I now have a new book to add to my list!