Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cooking Up a Storm

Welcome back everybody! Did you have a good long weekend? We sure did!
Romance on the slopes with Mr. Tilney

King Daddy with my big sister Hermione.

Atticus, King Daddy, baby Rudyard, Darrow and Akela.

 Time with family and skiing... those are two of  my most favourite things in the world. This past  weekend I got to do both, in my favourite spot in  the world too: the Canadian Rockies. My entire  family (that's right, all twenty-eight of us!)  gathered in the gorgeous Lake Louise to  celebrate my parents' fortieth wedding  anniversary. We skied, played in the snow,  laughed, read by the fire, and enjoyed tea at the  most wonderful ski lodge we've ever stayed at  (and when you're a family of ski bums, that's  saying something!)

One thing that sweetened all that abundant family fun was the scrumptious food. Too much actually, but who's complaining? All of us were responsible for one meal, and fearful of feeding everyone-especially the ravenous horde of nephews- we all brought more than we could ever eat in a single weekend. Along with ski equipment and luggage, there was quantities of food that we all had to cram into our minivans on the return home. Personally, I regret nothing! It was worth the cramped drive to feast and laugh together at each and every meal.

Me with Mummy Dearest.
Good food is a family tradition. After growing up around the table (our presence at meals was nonnegotiable) with a mother who scorned processed food and a dentist father, for me and my five siblings, promoting healthy eating and cooking was preaching to the choir.

I left home with a deep love of good food; just very little skill in preparing it myself.

In my last post I burbled about my addiction to domestic porn. Cookbooks were what got me going. While I was a single student, it didn't much matter, but once "me" became "we" I quickly saw the need to expand my culinary horizons. After all, there was only so many times I could expect my family to stomach renditions of hamburger soup and oatmeal!

My sister Belle and niece Ginny.

Cookbooks were my of inspiration. I found myself pouring over the pages, excitedly calling out "Look! Butter chicken! I could make that?!" or "Hmmm,  homemade spaghetti sauce sounds amazing". I began with the resolution to try one new recipe a week, starting with one collection of recipes and lots of trepidation. Over the years we've discovered favourites, both simple and complex, that inspire smiles from everyone seated around the table. My skill and confidence has grown almost as much my culinary library.

Good food and family time should not be limited to those special occasions. We need it daily, to feed not just our stomachs, but our hearts. After all, there's nothing after a long day to comfort you and your dear ones like a big helping of homemade yumminess... whatever that may be.

My cook book collection; what a wealth of inspiration is mine!
How about you? What recipes do you love to share with your nearest and dearest? What cookbook could you never do without? If you could learn to cook anything, what would it be?

Coming Monday: the cookbook that I use the most, plus some fun food reads. Until then, I hope your kitchen is a happy place, with plenty of book joy for you and yours. Happy reading to you all!



  1. Better Homes and Gardens. This was the one that taught me how to cook. A lot of my best pie recipes come from here, plus I have the Limited Edition version with celebrity chef recipes like gingerbread pancakes and the best chicken pot pie ever.

  2. I have to admit I don't have a go to recipe book. With Hubby having a particular taste preference, I am always looking for new recipes to shake things up a bit, hoping it will pass the test. I do have some go to recipes I've made so much online then orettt much by heart.
    Thankfully, Jr and I are pretty easy going so I enjoy trying all sorts of things with her.