Friday, January 6, 2017

Meet the Crew

"No man is an island" and no Bookaneer can sail alone. We all need someone to love, love us, care for, keep us grounded, encourage our mad ideas and share in what makes us smile. Even more especially in that last part. But having all that along with a willingness to read the books that you love, plus giving recommendations of their own? In my opinion, that's just the caramel on the apple.

Meet the crew, some of my very most favourite people in the world: my own little family. Well, not so little anymore given how tall they're all growing, plus the comments we inevitably get out and about. "Four boys?!" "Are they all yours?", or the most popular "Wow, you must be busy!" To which I always reply "Yup. I'm #blessed. Busy with the greatest adventure of all." I am (for now) the #1 woman in five wonderful men's lives. Man, if I had known that was where I was headed, I would've been less crushed during those teenage years where most of my actual dates were spent at home with the fictional characters in my cherished books and stories.

Given how often my beloved crew will be making appearances here, I thought it only proper to make introductions.  We have all opted to use pseudonyms, we say this is for privacy, but mostly because they were just so much darn fun to come up with! Besides, what's the point of writing a book blog if you can't pretend to be some of your favourite book characters? After mulling it over for weeks, trying to come up with suitable book pen names for my family, I finally asked for their opinions. It was one of those van conversations, me calling out to the backseats, and in less than two minutes they all had done it... much better than their mother had, too, I might add.

So, without further ado, everyone? Meet my family. Family? Say hello to everyone.

Okay, so we've already been getting acquainted, you and I. I am going by my actual given name, which happily I share with one of my favourite author's heroines! Admittedly though, the only ones who call me "Katherine" are my parents. They save it for special occasions (normally when they want me to grasp just how much trouble I'm in). I may not ever get the chance to travel to Bath with my wealthy neighbours like Katherine Norland but reading too many novels (is that really possible)? Letting my imagination get the better of me? Getting into ridiculous scrapes? Now that I can relate to! My favourite books? That list will appear in a forthcoming post.

Next, there's my best friend, my own happily ever after. My co-captain of our little crew.  He's the Mr. Henry Tilney to my Miss Norland, so that is what we will call him here. He's the string to my kite, the butter on my popcorn, the paper for my crayons. Happily, he is the best person for ensuring I don't spend too much time up in the clouds and that my toes at least skim the grass from time to time. Teacher, father, and partner in my schemes, his current favourite read is "Red Rising"by Pierce Brown.

Now meet Jared, my right hand man. He's the maverick, the ringleader of many antics that go on around here. The biggest brother we've got. Talented artist, Seeonee Cub Scout, aspiring Pokemon trainer. Plays a great Ebeneezer Scrooge, complete with solos! Right now he names the "Fablehaven" series by Brandon Mull as his top reading pick.

Next we have Seth. He's our still waters that run really deep. After happily staring at upside down books as a baby, he eventually learned not only the right way to hold them, but also how to read at a tender young age. Has more stuffed animals than his bed can hold. He also loves "Fablehaven", and recommended them to his big brother and momma.

Make room for Jack! This guy is either the darkest, ominous storm cloud you'll encounter or the brightest beam of sunshine around. Depends on his mood. Draws endlessly on anything with whatever he can get his hands on. Current life ambition is to be a mad scientist. Given that he's read his gift from his brothers five times this holiday, "Dog Man" by Dav Pilkey, I'd say that's become a new favourite.

Last, but certainly not least (especially in his own estimation) we have Bruce. One bundle of energy with impish tendencies, and the only preschooler I have left. Keeping up with three older brothers is a matter he takes very seriously. When he's not putting soap on the toothbrushes or getting into anything that doesn't belong to him, he still finds ways to melt our hearts. His goal in life is to be a ninja. "I Really Like Slop!" by Mo Willems is his book of choice.

Well, it is Friday, and that only means one thing around here: to the library! Time to assemble my rambunctious crew and pillage our local branch. We'll return with more reading fun on Monday. Until then, take care everyone and happy reading.



  1. Ooo, Brandon Mull! Great author. I'm excited for Dragonwatch in March and the final Five Kingdoms in the fall from Mull.

  2. Brandon Mull plus dragons? My kids will be thrilled!