Monday, January 16, 2017

Box Office Books

With more and more books serving as the inspiration for shows and movies, this creates a real dilemma for me. Some adaptations make me squeal with joy. Others make me want to tear my hair. A recent discovery of one has certainly put me in a writing quandary.

Just when I thought I'm all prepared and organized with my new blog... something came along and blew that delusion to smithereens. Unfortunately, this melodrama was too delicious to put off for a later date.

On Saturday here in the Bookaneer household we discovered this:

It also inspired the following.

Box Office Books
The movie
Or the book?
Both are worth
A look.

Suddenly, a show from a series of books I had dismissed years ago as formulaic was causing us all to chortle, quote at the dinner table, and sing along with the opening credits. Here are some books, written by the mysterious Lemony Snicket, that I need to revisit- preferably in the company of my children.

Book adaptations are a gamble, but can be well worth a reader's time. More on this come Thursday, but until then, happy reading everybody.

~ K


  1. We've been enjoying this series (the Netflix adaptation) so much! So many laugh out loud moments!

  2. You can borrow these from me , if you want to try again. I like them a lot .

  3. Ooo, I might enter the reading of these events with Sam.